Isaacs Art Center

Ed Furuike

Ed Furuike was born and raised in Honolulu. He started painting in 1975 using only a palette knife. "When I held the palette knife for the first time, I knew what I would be doing for the rest of my life." Furuike's passion and love of nature's fragile beauty are reflected in his work as he traveled about the Islands and captured the mystical beauty of the mountains and tropical air of the Pacific sea. One of his paintings is on the front cover of the Hawaiian history textbook, A History of Hawaii, which is used in Hawaii's public and private schools.

Furuike traveled to Japan in 1984, painting the country's subtle beauty and culture. In 1996 he journeyed to England and France and painted the splendor and the rich artistic history of those countries. He describes his method as "heavy impasto with a soft and ethereal effect using a single palette knife. I go out to paint on location painting as well as in the studio with photographs." He says his "subject matter ranges from natural still life, seascapes, landscapes and human interests."