Isaacs Art Center

Shirley Hasenyager

Shirley Hasenyager is originally from Southeastern New Mexico, where she attended Albilene Christian College and the University of New Mexico. She has lived in Hawaii since 1963 and has taught in the Department of Education's Artists in the Schools program. Her work can be found in various collection, both on the mainland and in the islands. She has also received several awards for her watercolors, etchings, and serigraphs. 

Hasenyager was studying watercolor with fellow printmaker Dodie Warren in 1969 when both attended a printmaking class taught by Ron Kowalke in the former printmaking studio of the University of Hawaii. She was immediately drawn to the art, and has been a printmaker since. Hasenyager has said that she enjoys printmaking because it suits her nature, in that she is a very organized person and printmaking requires organization and an attention to detail that cannot be rushed. To her, "art is not disorganized, unless you're Jackson Pollock.

Hasenyager's work focuses primarily on nature and its beauty. Her prints are an amalgam of different images she has photographed or committed to memory, based on what she has seen on hikes around the Volcano area of the Island of Hawaii with her husband. The final work is not an exact representation of the things she sees in the forest; rather, it is her personal though still realistic vision of her subject." 


Credt to: Honolulu Printmakers: 75th Anniversary A Tradition of Gift Prints