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Joyce Clark (1916-2010)

Joyce Clark (AOP, ISMP) (1916-2010)


The "alphabet soup" designations after her name refers to her membership as a Signature Member of both the highly prestigious Oil Painters of America and the International Society of Marine Painters. Only a small handful of the thousands upon thousands of artists throughout the United States can claim this designation.

Joyce Brown Clark was born in Los Angeles, CA on April 29, 1916.  Joyce Brown grew up in Laguna Beach and studied painting there with Bennett Bradbury.  After her education at UCLA, she was a commercial artist for several years before turning to oil painting and mosaic murals

One of Hawai’i's longtime premier artists, Joyce Clark painted the people and places of the islands since 1960, she lived in rural Hana from 1970-95. She moved to continued Sunriver, Oregon where she continued painting until her demise in 2010.

Joyce Clark was known for her landscapes and "people-scapes" which seem to capture the wahi pana (special spiritual energy) of Hawai’i. She made excellent use of a palette knife in her work, literally sculpting the oil to give a three-dimensional feel to her paintings.