Isaacs Art Center

We are pleased to announce our inaugural Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy Alumni Art Showcase at Isaacs Art Center! The exhibition will be open to the community from May 31 to June 7 and available for viewing online.  The original artwork includes pastels, collages, embroidery on canvas, photography, watercolor, and oil paintings with selected works and giclées available for sale. 

“Sense of Place” -- The concept of place and our connection with our environment, both built and natural, provides an important dialogue to better understand ourselves. 

Participating artists:
Heather Emmons '01, Noe Erger '00, Haley Hagerman '10, Michael Ho '15, Ehitu Keeling '05, Kaikea Nakachi '11, Margo Ray '94, Jane Taylor '68, and Harry Wishard '70.