Isaacs Art Center

Extended through Saturday, October 5, 2019, by popular demand!

Isaacs Art Center is proud to unveil one of the largest and most expansive surveys of women artists of Hawai'i in state history, covering more than a century of diverse responses to the places and people in the islands. The exhibition includes works spanning the center’s permanent collection, recent acquisitions, and loans from artists and private collections. At its core, this show celebrates the 90th anniversary of The Seven, a coalition of Honolulu-based women artists who first exhibited together in 1929.

This groundbreaking exhibition presents the largest-ever survey of women's impact on Hawaii's cultural legacy and celebrates one of America's first artistic sisterhoods. From accomplished landscape painters to avant-garde interpreters of the human figure, these women found inspiration in the islands’ places and people and, in turn, profoundly informed the evolution of Hawaiian art. 

Ultimately, this is a show about women, about their relationship to artistic production as prescribed within the societal structures of “women artists,” and about their invaluable contributions to Hawaiian art — contributions unique among women artists who have worked elsewhere in the world over the last two centuries. From Helen Kelley’s striking watercolors of Hawaii’s flora, to Madge Tennent’s world-famous murals of voluptuous Hawaiian women, to Mayumi Oda’s diverse portfolio forged in response to both the female figure and nature, women artists have indelibly shaped the artistic culture of Hawai'i on an unprecedented scale.

Featured artists include Marguerite Blasingame, Yvonne Cheng, Juliette May Fraser, Cornelia MacIntyre Foley, Susan McGovney Hansen, Pegge Hopper, Helen Whitney Kelley, Genevieve Springston LynchMayumi Oda, Shirley Russell, Madge Tennent, and Juanita Vitousek.

Certain works in the exhibition will be available for purchase. Proceeds benefit the Hawai'i Preparatory Academy scholarship program, which supports aspiring young people in attending the school.