Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Item: Tahitian pearl necklace

Description: strand of 47 pearls, 18k yellow gold clasp

Length: 17-1/2"

Thanks to the generosity of a loyal friend of HPA and the dedicated and patient search over the last 12 months by Heimata Hall (HPA ’97) who lives on Moorea and manages Island Fashion Black Pearls, founded by his father, Ron Hall, we are privileged to present an extraordinary and exquisite BLACK PEARL NECKLACE. There are forty-seven black pearls in the strand that vary in size from 9 mm to 11.95 mm. The pearls are knotted with silk and closed with an 18k gold fermoir. The necklace is 17-1/2” long, which is almost a choker length. The smaller pearls are in the back by the clasp and the larger pearls are in the front, allowing a faint graduation. The black pearls are from the Tuamotu archipelago and are natural in shape, size and color. Black pearls represent eighteen months of growth compared to six months for white pearls, so they have 9,000-11,000 layers of nacre compared to 600-900 for Japanese white pearls. They come in eighteen different shapes and forms. Only 3-5% are round. They are produced genetically and come in thirteen different colors or combination of colors.

These beautiful pearls are considered the world's rarest natural gems and appreciate in value more than any gem of its kind. This necklace is stunning and is truly a one-of-a-kind gift.

Gift from Mr. Heimata Hall '97 and Mr. Ron Hall