Peter Hayward: Mauka Farm

Peter Hayward: Mauka Farm

 Scholarship Auction 2013

 Artist: Peter Hayward

Title: Mauka Farm
Medium: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 17” x 23”

Date: 1970

Mauka Farm tucked under the Ko’olau Mountains is a timeless scene of a Windward O’ahu homestead surrounded by lush grasslands and a myriad of trees that shade the rural hale. Hayward was renowned for his skillful palette knife technique that defines each type of tree, from palm to banana to the umbrella-shaped shower tree towering above the colorful foliage. Mauka Farm is saturated with light, warmth, and the beauty of a cherished place shared by family members. In the middle of the garden a young man sports a broad-brimmed panama as he talks story. The small fleck of yellow catches our eye and highlights the deep perspective that Hayward creates from the diagonal fence on the left to the expansive Ko’olau cliffs that rise behind the house. The scene reflects the pleasurable atmosphere of a Punalu’u summer day so beloved by Hayward.

Peter Hayward was a familiar neighborhood artist among the beach community of Punalu’u, O’ahu. Having taught himself to paint following a serious car accident, he mastered the palette knife and combined the spontaneous brushwork and luminous scenes of Impressionism with the bold expressive strokes of Post-Impressionism. Peter captured the mood and the power of Windward waves, stormy days along the shore, and the beloved rural scenes of cottages and farms tucked under the Ko’olau Mountains.

Hayward has been described to be a poet creating magic from ordinary prose; he gives us not just Hawai’i but the magic of the islands that we love. This vintage scene of Windward days will continue to offer warm memories of both the place and the talented artist who captured its essence.

The work of Peter Hayward is becoming increasingly valuable and rare to find. As a quintessential “Hawaiian Impressionist” who painted with Wilson Stamper, Hajime Okuda, and John Young, Hayward was among our avant garde in the palette knife technique who has influenced numerous artists painting today. A highly collectible artwork, Mauka Farm will enhance your family’s art legacy and be a continual source of enjoyment.