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Hawaiian Bride by Madge Tennent (1889-1972)
  • Madge Tennent (1889-1972)

  • Title:

    Hawaiian Bride

  • Circa:1935
  • Size:66" x 45.5"
    ( 168cm x 116cm )
  • Frame Size:68" x 47.5"
    ( 173cm x 121cm )
  • Medium:

    Oil on canvas

  • The Madge Tennent paintings form an intact Permanent Collection and are not for sale (NFS). The Tennent Foundation made Hawaii Preparatory Academy the custodian of the artist's work to conserve, preserve, and utilize for education in perpetuity.
  • Tennent weds the serene to the mesmeric in this depiction of a Hawaiian woman on the brink of marital bliss, her head crowned with a lei po’o and her torso draped with ceremonial carnations. The work represen... READ MORE
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Hawaiian Bride
Madge Tennent (1889-1972)
Oil on canvas
66" x 45.5"      Framed: 68" x 47.5"
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