Hugh Frazer

Hugh Frazer
Irish (1795-1865)

Born in Dromore, County Down in Ireland, Hugh Frazer became widely
known and recognized as a painter of Ireland's landscape and scenes of Irish
life.  He was admitted as a pupil in the drawing school of the Dublin
Society in 1812, going on to exhibit at the Royal Hibernian Academy from
1826-1864.  In 1830 he was elected as an Associate of the Royal Hibernian
Academy, then a member in 1837, becoming a professor from 1839-1853.  He
settled in Belfast in 1834, exhibiting paintings in the Commercial Newsroom
and the Calendar Street Newsrooms.  He was President of the Association of
Artists found in Belfast in 1836.  In July, 1861, he resigned his membership
in the Academy "owing to future absence from Dublin and perhaps from
Ireland" and there are no further accounts of him.